Friday, January 2, 2009

let it out!! XD

as long as there's music i will breathe
fist clenched as i gasp for air
hold on to the memories we shared
on time's when boredom eats anything
in this tunes where your shadow lurks
beneath every smile every pain you grow
in my heart where this song stayed
a reminder for me to raise my head
the likes of elvis down to rage
i kicked pain with them beats
no regrets as i passed on the light
to my lungs beating with desire
half-torn with denial, the other waiting for approval
for love that never came
for lies that made me scream
at the top of my voice where you settle
everything is just in place
breathe on muthafucka =p

yea....let out your frustrations!!! in a good way hehehe happy new year boys and girls

Saturday, December 6, 2008

give me good answers...

so here i am. still trying to find answers. do i have to dig graves to find someone loyal or someone who's worth my time? this may sound cocky, but i'm the best boyfriend in the world, and i'm fucking proud that i'm aware of such thing. i'm loyal to the bones!! i fall hard that i allow myself to be dumb at times. if i love i love with everything that makes me and that there are times that i get stupid and shit. we must learn from those fucking players. times when pain is too much to handle that i want revenge or i want to be numb that i try to be a bad person but i just can't 'coz i respect woman. why?? maybe because i have 3 gurl siblings and because i love my mom so much coz`she's so strong that i don't want to make the same mistakes as of my freakin father who was freaking weak that he almost destroyed my sanity. my mother taught me alot of things. i can say that there are times that she really made a shit on my life but then she gave me strength 'coz when that time when our family was on the verge of breaking up she faced it and she forgave my father. my father is not the best father in the world but when he chose to fight and stayed with our family he gained my respect. he even gave me an advice that i can't forget but i know i will not take that fucking advice 'coz i know i'm way much smarter than he is!! fuck im being cocky again. he told me "ang lalake magpaka lalake!" - it's one way of telling me that males are bound to make mistakes. coz we are a fucking slave with lust. and i don't believe him. in my mind i said to myself that "i don't want to be like you". i want to be with one person. i want to give it all even if it hurts. call me a fucking romantic and shit but i really believe in fairytales- that we all end up with the right person if we choose to- but fuck! it's not fairytales heheheheh nowadays it's really hard to find someone loyal. hmmm... forgive me on this; but i know somewhere somehow somebody's going to appreciate me. im being positive!! it's my freakin downfall hahahaha tell me i'm wrong. i believe that somebody out there is as loyal as i am and i being an idealist! bad thing. i have to be me help myself. hahaha no, don't! i can walk all by myself heheheh


im in pain.
it's really funny how pain makes us aware of alot of things that we don't even bother to look at when we're happy with our own little world. pain makes us appreciate the good things in this life, the minute things that we don't even bother to look at 'coz we're to pre-occupied with our "own vanity" that we get too insensitive at the little things that we're supposed to value. we are too absorbed with our own shit that we think that we're such a victim when somebody else out there is loosing some limbs and somebody out there is positive enough to think about life despite the cancer that's eating them insid out-physically and emotionally. so here's my point. pain brings out the best in us. best in the sense that we get to see reality first-hand and we try to fight it immaturely at times but then we learn from it(hopefully!!) whether we like it or not. we must know that whether what pain that we are going through it's really up to us if we move on, or not. of course we know what's the best choice, but then again the best choices is always the hardest thing to do. it's always easy to be easy! hahah fuck this line but it's true. it's always easy not to face things, not to face reality. 'coz it's always easy to be HAPPY...temporarily. now if you get me, it's really up to us if we choose temporary bliss or a lifetime of happiness. if we choose the hard part we get all the reward(s) in the end and that's far more greater than the temporary happiness that we get with those people who don't appreciate us. so think, but not too much. just learn from our mistakes and try to be the best of who we are with those people who appreciate's the litul things that we do. carpe diem!! =)
godspeed to us all.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


i like it when you're quiet with your coffee.SIP.the taste of friendship on our lips.
i like it when you show me how things work.POINT.the world so tangled and abused.
i like it when you like what i like.SMILE.the world is ours for tonight.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

when the feeling closed

in my dreams im running out on my bare feet
stumbling as i search for a good sleep
must grab something that i just can't reach
come now slap my face
break my fingers and make me feel
i have to wake up from this nightmare
someone anyone
let me hear that sound
whispers of a ghost long gone
take me far away from this land
coz reality is gone
let me fade as i reach for that hands
let it all in and let it take over my system
stop the beat and kill every passion
it's always been with me and im tired with the beating
now do what you have to do as i lay myself to rest

embrace the waveS =)

ill wait for the waves to crash on my face
coz everybody's too numb to care
i just have to feed myself
with the things that makes sense
ill move on by myself
it's always the case
always the case
note the feeling and feel the drizzle
as i listen to our conversations
moments i have to let go
starting now
i have to drown that pretty feelings in my chest
i'm a veteran on this
sad to say but sometimes it's just easy if we don't care
and now i have to choose the easy way
coz when i felt the waves on my face
i know it isn't for me
'coz when fate is always for us to choose
we both chose the same, but on opposite directions
we talked and then we turned at each others back
coz there's nothing more to lose
there's nothing more to lose
nothing more to lose
more to lose...if we stay with the honesty that our heart tells us to
so just let go
embrace the waves and let it eat you.

Monday, November 17, 2008

just move....

start a race on your own
draw a line and step beyond it
you don't have to run
just lift that foot and move forward
one...two...three steps will do
take a rest and wait for tomorrow
another day to face
don't look at the footprints u left
make new ones with your good friends
now move a lil bit faster
put more effort and look how far you've been
you must be proud of yourself
give urself a reward
one...two..three beers will do
another day ends
tomorrow it's going to be OK
before you sleep
sleep in silence
there's still a long way to go....................................